Originally laid out by the Romans 2,000 years ago, Tottenham High Road is the main road into the City and it is undergoing a transformation.

The two-mile-long High Road is the main strand that draws all the other regeneration schemes together, the shopfront for the entire area. From the redeveloped Tottenham Hotspur ground in the north, right down to Seven Sisters Tube, the High Road West project will make the road somewhere you’ll want to visit and hang out with friends.

The balance of business, residential and community facilities has been carefully weighed up. As well as stimulating local businesses on the High Road, and shifting the focus from industrial to sports, leisure, culture education with a new primary school and community facilities.

The streetscape will be transformed through restoration of buildings, introducing attractive public spaces and renovating railway stations. White Hart Lane Station will be remodelled, to sit on a new square and have more sensibly positioned entrances.

It will give Tottenham a High Road to be proud of.